Sundance Interview: Roy Abramsohn, Star Of ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW

Devin talks with the star of the Sundance movie that was shot, guerilla style, at Disneyworld.

When I saw Escape From Tomorrow I knew this was a film I wanted to champion. A deep, strange and artistic film, Escape From Tomorrow is getting a lot of attention because it was shot secretly at Walt Disney World. It's a subversive act that makes the film a must-see for any serious film fan.

Because I was so excited about the movie I jumped at the chance to get lead actor Roy Abramsohn into the Cinefix studio where I had been shooting dozens upon dozens of interviews. We squeezed him in between the regularly scheduled interviews, and I was pretty starstruck to have a chance to meet this guy.

The Cinefix cut of the interview runs just over four minutes. We actually talked for twelve minutes, and that uncut version will show up here soon. In the meantime, enjoy this snazzily edited version!