Teenage Edgar Wright Teaches The Value Of Following Your Dreams

The director shares some adorable archive videos from his youth.

On his blog today, Edgar Wright shared clips of himself as a teen dropping by various programs to give interviews and debut his latest film projects, and these clips are both inspiring in that "With dedication and passion, you can achieve anything!" kind of way and demoralizing in that "What the hell have I been doing with my life?" kind of way. The one above includes some super handy filmmaking tips and a grocery list for making low-budg fake vomit. 

Per the director: 

I started making zero budget films on second hand Super 8 camera in 1989. Two years later I won a video camera on ‘Going Live!’ in a contest revolving around ‘Comic Relief’. From there, I started making as many no-budget shorts and featurettes as I could. And some of these landed me on childrens’ TV.
Watch and be wowed by: my hair, my skinny frame, my line in waistcoats and my ever changing voice which goes from well spoken middle class schoolboy to would be bloke from Lan-dahn.

Some more videos below. You can read Wright's commentary on these bits of surely mortifying nostalgia at his blog, linked below.