Ron Howard Now Just Making Every Movie Ever

Surely they'll all be very okay.

Have you ever heard the name Ron Howard? You probably have once or twice. It's a pseudonym filmmakers use whenever they've made something very impersonal just for the money that's also not completely horrible. Sort of the opposite of Alan Smithee.

Right now, Hollywood is big time in the Ron Howard business, even more than usual. All week the name has been getting attached to fun sounding new movies sure to entertain mother in laws across this great nation. There has been so much Ron Howard news all the sudden, that I thought it'd be easier just to combine them into one highly clickable news story.

Ron Howard Movie #1: The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book would be an adaptation of a Neil Gaiman's children's book about a boy raised by ghosts in a graveyard. As a book it's kind of fun but often feels like someone imitating Gaiman's normal stuff, which makes it just perfect for Ron Howard.

Ron Howard Movie #2: All I've Got

All I've Got is a J.J. Abrams produced remake of an Israeli television show in which a lady dies and in the afterlife has to pick between the hot stud she fell in love with as a young girl but lost in a car accident, or the fat boring slob who married her and gave her children and stuck by her through thick and thin. Sort of a mixture of What Dreams May Come and The Bridges of Madison County. Should be hilarious.

Ron Howard Movie #3: In the Heart of the Sea

This movie would tell the story of the Essex, the ship that was crushed by a whale and became the inspiration for Moby Dick. You should probably just read Moby Dick. Thor's Chris Hemsworth is starring in this one no matter who it's directed by.

So far that's it. But that's more than enough for one week. Howard will likely make all three of these, so keep an eye out. Perhaps one of them will be out in time for Mother's Day.