Bird/Lindelof’s 1952 Is Now TOMORROWLAND

What does the title change tell us about the mysterious project?

Damon Lindelof has been writing a Disney movie for Brad Bird to direct. It's been operating under the working title of 1952, but today the film's actual title was announced: Tomorrowland. The movie, which stars George Clooney, will without a doubt be about Disneyland, as Tomorrowland is one of the 'lands' featured at the theme park. 

So what the heck is it all about? The corporate mythology has Damon Lindelof discovering a mysterious box, marked only '1952,' in the Disney offices. That sparked a movie idea, and last week Bird tweeted a picture of the contents of the box, which included multiple photographs of Walt Disney. 1952 was the year that Walt began serious work on what was at the time called Disneylandia. Tomorrowland as an attraction didn't open until 1955, the last of the 'lands' to be finished. When it did open it was heavily sponsored by companies, including Monsanto - thus making Walt's vision of the future more realistic than he could have ever dreamed.

Walt was big into futurism, and he hoped to use Tomorrowland as a way to excite young children into the sciences. Over the years Tomorrowland has had a problem with keeping up with real science, and has been redone multiple times to keep it from getting too corny. 

So how does this work as a movie? Lindelof has said multiple times that the film isn't about aliens (1952 was a big year for flying saucers), which means there will probably be aliens in it. But what else? I'm thinking that perhaps it's a time travel movie, with someone from 1952 visiting the real Tomorrowland of the far future. Maybe it's someone from the far future coming back in time and influencing Walt's vision. I kind of hope that Clooney is playing Walt, because that's hilarious. 

What it probably won't be: the story of a father of two who has a mysterious mental breakdown at the park while obsessing over two French teens. Because that movie is already made, and it's called Escape From Tomorrow. Land is implied.