Bradley Cooper Looking To Finally Embrace Inner Asshole With Lance Armstrong Biopic

The true Bradley Cooper was there all along, under all our noses.

This is only a rumor right now, but it's probably my favorite of all rumors. We already knew J.J. Abrams had the movie rights to Lance Armstrong's story of fast bike riding while under the influence of too many Red Bulls (the details of which you can find in this spectacularly well-written article). Now we're at the point where we can start fan casting.

Bradley Cooper must have read that article, too. Deadline reports that soon after the J.J. Abrams news broke, Cooper told the BBC he wanted to play Armstrong and wrote J.J. Abrams an email on the subject. J.J. Abrams apparently received that email, telling Entertainment Tonight that Cooper "sent me an email and we've been talking." Unless they're "talking" about Cooper playing Han Solo's son, this sounds like really good news.

I like the idea of Bradley Cooper playing Lance Armstrong so much because it will demand the actor embrace that 1980s villainy so inherent to his character yet so unseen to the movie-going public. This is a guy just begging to get kicked in the balls. Somehow he skipped that archtype, however, leaving his doppelgänger, Josh Lucas, to receive all the nut-kickings in his stead. Perhaps that time is now at an end. There's little chance we're going to walk out of The Lance Armstrong Movie (aka Movie 44) thinking about what a cool guy Lance Armstrong would be to hang out with at a Thai strip club.

We're just talking about some stupid emails, though. There's still plenty of time for Bradley Cooper to lose his demanded happy ending and therefore the role. Josh Lucas will probably end up with it after all.