Including a clear shot of what the aliens actually looked like.

Now that the season is all said and done, I just blew through American Horror Story: Asylum in one sitting the other day(s). In short, I thought it was fun but not nearly as entertainingly awful as the first season. As weird and backwards as this sounds, the show suffered for its improvement. Meredith's thoughts can be found here.

But now that it's all behind us, we can start picking through the memories of what American Horror Story: Asylum inflicted upon us. Memories such as: Lana's homosexual Clockwork Orange business. Shelley's horrific dismemberment and syphilitic mutation. The use of a wire hanger abortion as a threat akin to holding a gun to a loved one's head. Now I feel stupid for complaining that this season wasn't crazy enough.

These images should help the memories flow. Drawn by American Horror Story concept designer Jerad S. Marantz and shared on his blog, this concept art not only gives us a better idea of just how messed up Dr. Arden's mutants were meant to be but also fills us in on what was going on physically with those pesky aliens. It turns out they looked pretty cool.

The only picture I have a problem with is Shelley's. I just don't believe they let her wear those black undies in the asylum. OR MAYBE THEY AREN'T UNDIES AT ALL!!!

You can find more on the blog.