EVIL DEAD Remake Wins NC-17 Rating And Promptly Throws It Away

Why must inevitable things be so inevitable?

When it comes to movie stuff, I generally consider myself mature enough not to get upset about decisions made for monetary reasons. Show business is a business, and people have shown time and time again that we are not a quality motivated species entertainment-wise, food-wise, or even sex-wise based on the fact that I am not a virgin.

Nevertheless, Bloody-Disgusting reports that the upcoming Evil Dead remake will be released theatrical with an R-rating despite having a preferred NC-17 cut. And it kind of bums me out.

Here's the thing: Evil Dead, more than a lot of remakes, had to get people on its side because it's name recognition is based on a far more cult property than something like A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's also based on a subgenre that was just thoroughly disrobed by The Cabin in the Woods. Furthermore, people feel a kind of fan ownership over Evil Dead, even though lots of fans only think about Evil Dead 2 when they get up in arms about the remake.

Evil Dead miraculously overcame all these huge hurdles by selling itself as balls to the wall gore feast. When it delivers something less than that, will people still want to see it, or just wait for video where they know they'll get what they want?

It's entirely possible that shots from that great red band trailer might not be in the finished film at all. As someone who watched the uncut version of Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning at Fantastic Fest, only to be stuck with a lame-duck R-rated version at home, it really sucks to know the gore and not actually see the gore. I can't help but wonder if this plan will backfire. I will probably still see it theatrically, but the idea is a little less exciting now. How do you guys feel about it? Am I just being nuts?