Harry Potter Gets Dragged Into The Abortion Debate

Harry Potter spoilers within!

I'm fascinated by the relationship between conservatives and pop culture. They consume it, just like everybody else, but they tend to think it doesn't represent their values. When they try to create it, it's almost always terrible. And when they reference it, they often get it wrong.

The below image popped up on Reddit today. The initial image wouldn't warrant inclusion here, but it's the quote - from someone's Tumblr, it seems - that sells it. 

"If Lily Potter had an abortion, then who would stop Voldemort?" reads the well-meaning sign of the pro-lifer (it's certainly a nicer sign than some of the gory ones they often carry). 

The Tumblr quote: 'Neville Longbottom/jesus christ read the books'

Perfect! Neville Longbottom, after all, is the person who destroyed Voldemort's seventh horcrux, allowing the dark wizard to be killed... by his own death curse. Harry Potter himself was barely even needed in that situation. And on top of that, we learn in the books that the prophecized wizard who would defeat Voldemort could have actually been Longbottom. The way the prophecy was worded (someone born as the seventh month dies, whose parents had defied Voldemort three times) it could have meant either Harry or Neville. So the whole series could have just as easily been Neville Longbottom and the Sorceror's StoneNeville Longbottom and the Goblet of Fire, etc.

Now I want a What If...? type book that has Neville Longbottom as the Chosen One!