Help Fund A Feature-Length Doc About SUPERMAN LIVES

A feature length exploration of the abandoned Superman movie is being made by one of the directors of METALOCALYPSE. You can help get it funded!

Superman Lives is one of the great almost-made movies of all time. I mean, it's no Jodorowsky's Dune, but it's a fascinating 'What If...?' moment in movie history. 

For those too young to recall, Superman Lives was going to be loosely based on the blockbuster Death of Superman storyline in the comics. Tim Burton was directing. Kevin Smith wrote a (terrible) script. Nic Cage was hired to play Superman, and even underwent costume tests (see above for newly released photos of that costume test). The story would have Braniac's skullship, Superman wouldn't fly, he'd battle a giant spider, and polar bears would guard the Fortress of Solitude. It also featured the robot L-Ron as a gay robot for reasons that surely made sense to Kevin Smith at the time. 

The whole thing fell apart, just weeks before production was to start. It was one of many attempts to revive Superman between Superman IV and Superman Returns, but it's the most bizarre and weird attempt of them all, and had it gone forward we could be looking at a very different superhero movie landscape. 

Jon Schnepp, perhaps best known as one of the directors of the cartoon Metalocalypse but also one of the 26 filmmakers on The ABCs of Death, is working on a feature length doc about the disaster, and he's turned to Kickstarter to help fund it. I think this is one of the rare worthy Kickstarters, a story that will appeal to movie fans who love thinking about what might have been, and who like seeing into the hearts of disasters. 

Click here to check out Schnepp's Kickstarter page. Consider making an investment; at high enough levels you can get a Superman Lives poster, made specifically for this Kickstarter. And if Schnepp raises more than his goal, he's going to recreate some scenes from the script for the doc, which should be amazing!