GAME OF THRONES’ King’s Landing… Recreated In Minecraft!

The world-building game has been harnessed to build the capitol of Westeros!

If you're not familiar with Minecraft allow me to explain why this image is so stunning. In the game you're a guy in the woods. You can interact with the environment around you, gathering wood, stone, clay, etc. You can then recombine these into other forms, including swords to fight the occasional enemy (the creepers you encounter are more a nuisance than the point of the game) and a pickaxe to dig for other elements. But the thing you mostly make are blocks - blocks that you then put together to build structures. Over the years Minecraft players have created some impressive things using these blocks, but this recreation of King's Landing, the capitol of Westeros in Game of Thrones, could be among the most ambitious.

Created on the Minecraft server Westeroscraft, it took 100 builders about four months to create what you see. There are 3500 distinct buildings, all made by hand and all fully decorated within. If you were to log onto that server you could walk through the streets of King's Landing and poke your head into every single building.

Again, this is not like creating an environment in a regular video game. The builders didn't just clone walls or items, they built them from their basic components. Every piece of wood you see came from a tree that was chopped down in the game. Every brick of stone had to be mined. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. They claim to have created 70% of the continent of Westeros. Next they'll be moving across the sea to Essos. I'm so tempted to make the joke "After that they'll try moving out of their mothers' basements," here, but I'm really impressed by the weirdo dedication that goes into something like this.