Pop Music Meets Psychic Procedural

While interrogating a perp, a psychic detective touches the picture of a missing girl. Then they sing and dance about it... IN HIS MIND!

This is the latest music-video-short-film hybrid from our friends the Sniper Twins, and it's pretty awesome. It has everything you need in a great music video, including:

- Pop Music, obviously
This is important, because Pop Music is quite possibly the Best Thing There Is.

- Long, Cinematic Set Ups
Like Michael Jackson, who never made "music videos" and only produced "short films."

- Psychic Detectives just trying to be normal
Because it's very difficult to be a psychic detective in today's world. Especially if you want to try to find love.

- Dance Sequences
Although unfortunately there is no dance sequence at a waterpark, like there is in the Beauty and a Beat video. That would have been an improvement, but living room dancing with a dog is pretty fun, too.

- Hair Dryers with comically long extension cords
Okay, this is probably the only music video I've seen with this element. But more video directors should start using it, since they all want to have hair blowing in the wind all the time anyway.

So yeah, this is kind of a silly post. But damn it, I keep having this song stuck in my head, and I keep wanting to rewatch this video, so I figured I would share it here.

Dax was one of the original video contributors to special events at the Alamo Drafthouse, and started coming to Open Screen Nights way back in like 2002. We produced a bunch of Alamo content together for a few years, then he took off to go work at MTV.

These days he's on his own working as a director on various commercial-type projects, and his mix of killer style and bizarro comedic chops is showing up in little bits of lots of projects you've probably seen. But it's when he and Barry and their team go off on their own and produce these passion projects that things can get magical.