Join THE ABCs OF DEATH #deathparty On Twitter Tonight!

Many of the directors from the gory anthology film will be live tweeting a viewing! Here's how you can get in on the action.

The ABCs of Death, the ridiculously gory and offensive anthology feature from Drafthouse Films, is now available on iTunes and your cable VOD. To celebrate, a bunch of the directors from the film - there are 26 directors total! - will be taking to  the Twitter tonight to live tweet a viewing of the movie. Want to get in on the experience? It's pretty easy. 

Step 1: Rent the movie! It's available on iTunes and on most cable VOD systems. 

Step 2: Be on the internet at 8pm Pacific Standard Time. 

Step 3: Get boozed up/blazed (this step optional)

Step 4: Log onto Twitter!

Step 5: Search for the hashtag #deathparty. That's what the filmmakers, as well as producers Ant Timpson and Tim League, will be using to discuss the film. You can use that hashtag as well to get in on the action. 

Step 6: Be grossed out. Possibly get offended. It's that kind of a movie. 

Step 7: Profit!

Remember, the hashtag is #deathparty. See you tonight.