These Two New THE WORLD’S END Photos Are Making Me Thirsty

See a profoundly minuscule percentage of the film early!

Empire has two new photos from Edgar Wright's upcoming The World's End, a film that stands as a must-see even if it was a three hour-long costume drama about the forbidden love between two 18th century gardeners who can only communicate via the silent power contained within the act of painting lush draperies.

The first photo shows the film's remarkable cast (except for Eddie Marsan - that guy bugs me) drinking beer in the pub that supplies the film with its title. The second is a photo of Simon Pegg looking kind of badass. I swear to God, I've seen this photo before, though I'm not sure where. Perhaps I'm psychic. I always knew it.

The World's End will arrive this August. Which sucks because The World's End doesn't come out until this October, so none of us we ever be able to see it. Except me. I already saw it because I'm psychic. Embargoed review, unfortunately.