Enjoy Some Behind The Scenes Photos From THE RAID 2

That Iko Uwais is such a cutie pie.

The Raid 2 (which will probably come out in America as The Raid: Revelation or The Raid: Revolution or The Raid: Regeneration or The Raid: Reanimated or The Raid: Rerere) has started production. And to celebrate, the Internet has been given these behind the scenes photos.

Most of them focus on returning star Iko Uwais and his baby-faced mug. Apparently, this film takes place moments after the end of Part One and illustrates what happens as Rama goes undercover in order to take the Jakarta crime syndicate and slam its head into a concrete wall until it re-liquifies the cement. He may look like a puppy, but beware his lack of bark.

I honestly don't see how Rama could go immediately from the ending of The Raid to finding himself on an undercover mission, but I'm excited for Gareth Evans to illuminate me on the subject. Hopefully everything goes well for them during their 100 day shoot and not too many people get hurt from having their heads slammed into things.