“Too Solo-ish”: See Harrison Ford’s Notes On The RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Script

A peek inside the process of Harrison Ford.

This is a couple of days old, an eternity in internet time, but I wanted to share it here anyway. It's a scan of some of Harrison Ford's script pages from Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with his personal notes. Most interesting is where he cuts a line, saying it's 'Too Solo-ish."

My friend Shawn Levy is working on a Robert DeNiro biography, and he's been looking through DeNiro's papers, which are collected at the University of Texas in Austin. He always comes away from these visits full of amazing stories about the notes that DeNiro added to his scripts, and I've become slightly obsessed with the concept of reading annotated scripts. Not every actor is the kind of actor who puts in the effort to mark up their scripts, but when they do what they write can be really fascinating insights into their craft and the character they're playing. 

These notes let you see how Ford developed the character. The 'Too Solo-ish' bit indicates he was aware that he wanted to be very different from his other action hero persona. There's a great note, scribbled on the side of the page where Indy is explaining the history of the Ark of the Covenant, which asks "Is Indy a believer?," a crucial question for the character. There are speeches written out on the back of script pages, including the lecture Indy is giving in the post-credits sequence. 

This script went to a collector for $100,000. Hopefully he does the right thing and makes it in some way available. After all, it belongs in a museum. 

Click here to read all the currently available pages.