Watch David Fincher’s HOUSE OF CARDS Pilot, Even If You Don’t Have Netflix

Why the hell don't you have Netflix?

Netflix is getting serious about original programming. Today all 13 first season episodes of House Of Cards, an adaptation of a British TV show, popped up on Netflix. The rental service spent tons of money - upwards of $100 million, reports say - to put this together, and it's developed (and the pilot is directed) by David Fincher. Kevin Spacey stars in the political drama that is apparently quite R-rated. 

Looking to make sure that money was well spent, Netflix is offering the pilot to everyone, not just those with subscriptions. I can't imagine why you WOULDN'T have a Netflix at this point - their Instant service is mandatory, as far as I'm concerned - but maybe this will convince you to plop down a couple of bucks for the subscription. After all, Arrested Development is their next series, and that'll also be dropping all at once.

It's the all-at-once aspect I'm intrigued by. I haven't watched House of Cards yet, but I suspect I'll watch more episodes of it than I would if it were weekly. I tend to drop off weekly shows, but when I can watch in one chunk I give a show more time. I'm not a Super Bowl guy, so I may spend my Sunday watching all 13 episodes.

Click here to watch the pilot.