See An Exclusive Clip Of WRONG - And Catch It On ITunes And VOD!

Watch Drafthouse Films' latest release, the mind-bending and hilarious WRONG, now on VOD & iTunes before it hits theaters on March 29th!

Fearless cinematic surrealist Quentin Dupieux, the director behind 2010's head-exploding, homicidal tire flick Rubber, returns with an equally entrancing and wholly original, hallucinatory universe all its own. Wrong, which hit iTunes and VOD platforms today, follows one man's journey into the absurd with an endless barrage of bizarro characters after he loses the sole love of his life – his dog, Paul.

See Drafthouse Films' next release and what Twitch Film calls "a wild and hilarious ride of absurdity," before it hits theaters around the country on March 29th! And check out this hilarious exclusive clip iTunes debuted today featuring the brilliant William Fichtner as the pony-tailed guru Master Chang, who imparts teachings to metaphysically reconnect pets to their owners. Watch it here!

You can watch Wrong right here now here:

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