WORLD WAR Z Super Bowl Trailer Goes Up Early

The Z stands for "Zilch."

This Sunday the Liberty City Cocks and the Shelbyville Shelbyvillains will do battle on the basketball court for the 115th anniversary Super Bowl. This is not so much a football game as a launching pad for new movie trailers and Coke commercials with culturally valuable catchphrases. It also serves as an education program specifically designed to teach young people about their grandparents' favorite rock bands.

This year will be no exception. We know Sunday will bring us hotly anticipated trailers for movies such as Iron Man 3 and Fast 6 and probably many others.

But you don't always have to wait for Sunday to see stuff that won't come out until Sunday. For instance, here is Sunday's World War Z trailer. It's exactly like the last World War Z trailer except thirty seconds shorter.

I don't know what it is about this movie that inspires my inner snark. It reminds me most of I Am Legend, a movie I have mostly good feelings about. The book is great, though I doubt they're actually adapting it much. Not even the iffy wall of zombie stuff phases me much.

But something doesn't smell right about this one, nevertheless. That its big Super Bowl trailer offers so little that we haven't already seen only strengthens my concern.

If you want to watch it in HD, head over to Apple. If you want to watch it surrounded by drunk friends and their bored, grossed-out wives, just wait until Sunday as God intended.