Jason Schwartzman! Bruce Willis! Mondo! It’s the Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park Grand Opening

The new Houston Alamo has a week of insane events marking its grand opening. 

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Vintage Park on Thursday, February 14th and a sneak preview week of signature Alamo programming which begins Sunday, February 10th.

Located in the Vintage Park Shopping Village off of HWY 249 and Louetta Road, the first Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Northwest Houston is the area’s ultimate movie haven, a seven-screen theater with a total of 565 seats.  Each of the seven auditoriums is equipped with Sony 4K Digital Cinema Projection, including the newest 4K system, the SRX-R515P, on five of its seven screens.  The theater also boasts state-of-the-art audio and RealD 3D technology.  Two of the auditoriums are equipped with 35mm projectors – providing a way to preserve the classic cinema experience with 35mm screenings of fan-favorite films.  Each theater in the building has been thoughtfully designed and laid out in a stadium seating style and, as a result, not a bad seat in the house exists. Guests can sit on the end of the front row and still have an incredible view of the entire screen.

Providing a unique combination of theater and restaurant, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Vintage Park will show first-run Hollywood blockbusters and independent films, in addition to the specialty repertory programming and star-studded special events that have made the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema a nationally recognized theater chain.  The theater’s menu features a wide selection of hand-crafted food while the bar boasts a 24 craft beer tap system and a special four-cask tap system to serve beer at exact temperature the featured brewer designates.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Vintage Park Grand Opening Week Events

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Vintage Park is celebrating its grand opening just in time for the annual day of love, Valentine’s Day.  To celebrate the opening of our new state-of-the-art theater, we have slated a number of events suited for those coupled up or singles looking for a home on the most Hallmarked day of the year.

MOULIN ROUGE Quote- and Sing-Along
Thursday, February 14 at 7 PM

Join us for our signature interactive movie experience at the MOULIN ROUGE Sing-Along complete with a live burlesque set by Houston Burlesque Revue prior to the movie.
If you’re a true romantic, you already know the story: Christian (Ewan McGregor) moves to Paris to pursue a Bohemian lifestyle and then of course falls into a doomed love affair with Satine (Nicole Kidman), the most beautiful girl at the Moulin Rouge. But until you've seen the movie and sung the songs and learned that lesson in a movie theater with 200 other heart-swept people, you'll never really know what it's like to be in love. Your heart will swell! Your lungs will burst! Your brain will explode with rainbows!

Bring a date, or else make sure you choose your seat carefully, because you WILL end up falling in love with the person sitting next to you. As always, we'll have props for some special interaction, including blinking rings for “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and green glow sticks for the Green Fairy.

And start warming up your leg muscles now, because we’re kicking off this whole shebang with a Can-Can dance contest! Your gift is your song, so come give it all you’ve got at the Moulin Rouge.

The Houston Burlesque Revue is a burlesque company presenting classic styles of dance with a their own sexy twist of burlesque entertainment, humor and glamour in a refreshing way that guarantees to transcend viewers to a sensual new experience. The burlesque show will kick off at 7 PM, followed by MOULIN ROUGE at 7:30 PM

Thursday, February 14 at 10 PM

Kicked that significant other to the curb?  We have a home for you too!  Grab a group of your single friends to belt out sappy power ballads at the LOVE BITES Sing-Along at 10 PM.  We'll celebrate the best artists of both decades with hits from the likes of Journey, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Seal, The Bangles, Def Leppard, Night Ranger, Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler, Poison, Cyndi Lauper, Guns N' Roses, and lots more! And as with every Action Pack Sing-Along, all of the music videos have been lovingly subtitled by hand so the lyrics are on screen for the entire crowd to sing-along to.
We'll hold lighters in the air and sway, we'll pound our fists at the sky in defiance of those who would dare not love us, and we'll do it all with teased hair and animal print tights on. It's the perfect dinner date or post-dinner date or even no date activity! You'll fall in love with the music, after all, and that's all that matters.

I Heart Houston – Hollywood Comes to Houston

We love our city. We also love that our city has been the setting for quite a few incredible films. We celebrate Houston's place in cinematic history with a series of films that - while completely different from one another - make us proud to be Houstonians!

RUSHMORE with Jason Schwartzman in person!
Monday, February 11 at 7:30 PM

Wes Anderson is a local kid who did good. Did really, really good. His latest film, MOONRISE KINGDOM, is enjoying immense success and an Academy Award nomination for its screenplay. Fifteen years ago, though, Anderson was doing the festival circuit with his Houston-shot film RUSHMORE, a comedy that propelled Anderson and the film's star Jason Schwartzman into the mainstream success they've been enjoying since.

Jason Schwartzman stars as Max Fisher, a troubled young man who battles with a friend-turned-romantic-rival (played by Bill Murray) for the affections of Rosemary Cross, a widowed first grade teacher. RUSHMORE is the quintessential Wes Anderson film - gut-bustingly funny, irresistibly touching and singularly the vision of the filmmaker. As Fisher faces off against the world - determined to prove his worth against an insurmountable indifference from those around him, Anderson and Schwartzman create the type of rich, vibrant character that it takes actors years to be able to pull off. Pretty good for a film debut, right?

It is our extreme pleasure to put RUSHMORE back on the big screen - where it belongs - with Jason Schwartzman live in person.

Saturday, February 16 at 10 PM

I COME IN PEACE is Houston’s own little claim to fame when it comes to ‘80s (well, early, early ‘90s to be exact) action films. Dolph Lundgren stars as a Houston cop who doesn’t play by the rules. As action movie logic dictates, this wildcard must team up with a straight-laced FBI agent (“Dream On”’s Brian Benben) to take down a drug-dealing alien who has come to earth with flying killer CDs. Mmmmm… yes.

That sound you hear? It's your brain screaming that it wants to see this movie immediately. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the country – of course we deserve to have a movie featuring MIT scholar (seriously!) Dolph Lundgren kicking some extraterrestrial ass!

Terms of Endearment
Sunday, February 17 at 6:30 PM
Tickets on sale Monday!

Our I Heart Houston series concludes with James L. Brooks' Texas-sized tearjerker. Shirley MacClaine and Debra Winger star in a story of a mother and daughter who march to different drummers. Beginning with Emma's marriage, Aurora shows how difficult and loving she can be. The movie covers several years of their lives as each finds different reasons to go on living and find joy. Jack Nicholson, Jeff Daniels and Danny DeVito co-star. Bring tissues and your mother or daughter and join us in a sniffle-filled 30th anniversary screening of Brooks’ classic.

Bruno Bash: A Night of Willis
Friday, February 15 at 5 PM
Tickets on sale Monday!

If you're an action junkie, you were probably planning on seeing A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, Bruce Willis return to the career-defining role of John McClane. Willis is no ordinary movie star so why would you want to settle for an ordinary screening of his latest movie? Why not make a night out of it? Join us for an action-packed night of Bruce Willis movies leading up to a screening of the new DIE HARD movie. There will be live in-theater explosions, giveaways, games and plenty of beer in this celebration of all things Bruce Willis.

Here's the thing, though. We're not going to tell you which movies we're playing - it's a surprise! All we can tell you is this: you will leave the theater sporting your own version of that trademark Bruce Willis smirk from having spent the night indulging in Bruno. There will be four movies - including A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD.  Get ready. Get set. Get Willis.

Saturday, February 16 at 11 AM

At the Alamo Drafthouse, we strongly believe in nurturing the next generation of movie buffs. That’s why we regularly screen classic family-friendly films for the whole family to enjoy. Join us for a 25th anniversary screening of Robert Zemeckis’ groundbreaking blend of animation and live action noir. The whole family is invited to this free screening. For every person who attends the screening, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will donate $1 to the local YMCA scholarship fund.

A Special Mondo Presentation
Saturday, February 16 at 7:30 PM
Tickets on sale at a random time next week!

Mondo is a division of the Alamo Drafthouse championed for bringing art back to movie poster design. Utilizing the talents of world-class artists and designers, Mondo produces limited edition, screen printed posters based on all things film, television and comic properties. We can’t tell you what movie will be screening yet but every ticket purchased to this event will include a limited edition screenprinted poster from Mondo. As a special treat, the artist will also be in attendance at the screening. 

Master Pancake: BACK TO THE FUTURE
Sunday, February 17 at 6:30 PM

Master Pancake, the nationally recognized comedy troupe from Austin, returns to Houston to lampoon BACK TO THE FUTURE, a film so iconic that for a brief period in the mid-80’s it convinced people that De Loreans, down vests, and Huey Lewis were cool.  Michael J. Fox (FAMILY TIES, TEEN WOLF) stars as Michael J. Fox -- or Marty McFly as he’s called here -- who travels back in time in order to save his professorial pal “Doc”, played by Christopher Lloyd (TAXI, STAR TREK III).  Along the way, McFox ends up inventing rock‘n’roll, changing history, and almost dating his own mom.  You’ll have 1.21 jigowatts of fun at this Oedipally complex movie, as Master Pancake riffs on BACK TO THE FUTURE! 

Alamo Drathouse Cinema – Vintage Park Signature Programming Sneak Preview Week

Beginning Sunday, February 10th, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Vintage Park will offer a sneak preview at its signature programming. Designed to give patrons the chance to experience a signature Alamo event prior to our Grand Opening on Valentine’s Day, the programming includes daily screenings of GHOSTBUSTERS, with $1 of every ticket going to the local YMCA scholarship fund, fan-favorite Action Pack events such as THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along, independent film highlights including screenings of Drafthouse Films releases, screenings of recent Hollywood blockbusters such as SKYFALL and ARGO, and Big Screen Classics such as JAWS and CREEPSHOW. All tickets for our sneak preview events are $3 and all non-alcoholic menu items will be 50 percent off during this training week. For the full line-up of events, click here.