FAST & FURIOUS 6 Super Bowl Trailer Brings Franchise One Step Closer To MAD MAX

Vin Diesel's starting to look like Sam the Eagle.

I guess this Fast & Furious Six trailer is doing something right because it instantly makes me nostalgic for the three times I watched Fast Five in the theater. As far as I can tell, it pretty much looks like the same film. Except this time there are tanks and airplanes, which is just as it should be. It's easily the best of the Super Bowl commericals thus far, as well as the only one I've seen.

In other words, I'm in love. This is the dumbest, gayest, most uneven franchise of recent memory, and we're lucky to have it, especially now that The Rock is sticking around and they're expanding their narrative scope to include ghosts. It's just a matter of time before this shit goes full-on Mad Max.

Along with the trailer, marvel at this poster Vin Diesel released on his Facebook page (you really must check out his Facebook page). It's kind of dumb, both for its obvious quoting of the Fast Five poster and its emo tagline which makes Fast & Furious 6 seem like the last of the series or perhaps the one where Vin Diesel dies, neither of which will happen. Well, Dom might die, but he'll still be back as a ghost car or something. Still, when it comes to this franchise, I'm always hungry.