Is The Most Requested Hulk Storyline Coming In Marvel Phase Three?

What's next for The Hulk after AVENGERS 2? It could be another movie, and you won't believe the storyline they're using.

Marvel Studios never fails to surprise me with their balls. I never thought The Avengers could happen, that a bunch of standalone movies could crossover into a film, and yet they did it. I never thought we could get really cosmic villainy in a superhero movie, and yet Thanos is at bat for Marvel Phase Two. And I never thought a certain Hulk storyline would ever see movie screens, but if Latino Review's very reliable El Mayimbe is right, his future adventures will be planet-shaking.


According to El Mayimbe, as seen in the video above, Hulk will be sent into space at some point in The Avengers 2. He's deemed too much of a threat to keep on Earth, and so the Marvel superheroes bid him adieu. But just as happened in the comics, Hulk will end up going through a wormhole and will land on an alien planet. On that planet Hulk becomes a gladiator, rises through the ranks and eventually comes to be king. It's a big science fiction Conan-type story. 

But there's more! El Mayimbe says that this Planet Hulk movie will lead into Avengers 3, which he claims will use the World War Hulk storyline - Hulk returns to Earth with his new alien allies and wages war on the heroes!

That's incredible. If it's true - and I believe that at the very least we'll be seeing Planet Hulk - it's another sign that Marvel Studios is willing to go big with their concepts and their stories. They're not playing this safe. I wonder if having the beans spilled this early will impact what happens in Avengers 3 (and there will be, without any doubt at all, an Avengers 3. After that...). 

As a comic fan this sort of stuff makes me appreciate being around to see such huge stories, such crazy ideas, actually make their way to theaters. Enjoy it while it lasts.