Violence In Video Games: Devin Joins The Indoor Kids To Talk Tough

Do video games cause violence? Also, what's the best term for female masturbation? These diverse topics get discussed on the latest Indoor Kids podcast!

Last week I had the grand honor to stop by Meltdown Comics to appear on The Indoor Kids, a Nerdist podcast hosted by my friends Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon. This was my third time on the show, and basically I just wanted an excuse to hang out with them and laugh, so we decided to talk about the gut-busting topic of violence in video games and whether it causes violence in the real world. We all agreed it does, and now we're banning video games.

Well, not actually. We all pretty much agree this is a stupid argument made by myopic people, and then we started talking about other stuff, including 'jilling off,' which is the term I use for female masturbation. You should listen to it. I think it's funny. 

Click here to listen!