BACK TO THE FUTURE’s Cafe 80s Now A Real Thing

New Wave Bar claims to be the world's first 80s-themed 

In Back To The Future II the Cafe 80s was a joke, a poke at the nostalgia in which the first film trucked. It was also a sly bit of winking at the ridiculousness of the then-current pop culture, as well as an acknowledgment that nostalgia gets it wrong (see the Max Headroom-ed Ronal Reagan and Ayatollah Khomeini). But now that movie joke is a real life joke: The New Wave Bar!

There have been 80s nights and 80s themed parties, but the New Wave Restaurant, in unfashionable Bellflower California, claims to be the first full-time 80s-themed establishment. I didn't research this, and I'm assuming Japan got there first (they have toilet and Hitler-themed establishments, so the 80s seems like a no-brainer), but let's assume they're the first in America. 

Shots include The Alf and the Pretty in Pink, while there's a Ghostbusters Martini (points off for not calling it the Ecto-Cooler). You can order CHiPs and salsa, or an ET, which is ice cream with Reese's Pieces on it. Try the Marty McFries or the Meat Is Murder Veggie Burger (points added for a good Smiths reference). Or just check out their menu and marvel at the Grocer's Apostrophes on display.

What do you guys think? Should I head out to the New Wave Restaurant? Should I shoot an episode of the YouTube show there? Vote in the comments. 

Do you know of another all-80s establishment? Do they have video games that you have to play with your hands? Those are for babies.