Here Comes Another, Longer FAST & FURIOUS 6 Trailer

Seriously, why DOES Tyrese smell baby oil?

Merely two days from a Super Bowl debut, we're getting yet another Fast & Furious 6 trailer. It's weird to complain about too much Fast and Furious, but at over three minutes this one might be a little too long.

It does have its moments, though. For instance, I love how the trailer goes out of its way to assert Dom's heterosexuality before spending the rest of the trailer knee-deep in his and Hobbs' beautiful sexual tension.

I like how Paul Walker has basically become a background character in this series ever since Dom found his bear. I like that the girl from Fast & Furious who hooked up with Han at the end of Fast Five could be played by an entirely different actress and I wouldn't know because I'm too distracted by all the gay man meat on display.

I like that there's going to be at least one scene of street racing, which comes accompanies by Dom saying something profoundly stupid and rebellious. I like that the bad guy talks about Dom's code as if he were Batman.

But most of all, I like Tyrese asking why the fuck he smells baby oil only to have The Rock threaten to kick his ass over the question. This is just a great series.