Bruce Willis Says Yes To DIE HARD 6

Or he could be making fun of us.

I like Bruce Willis, mostly because I don't think Bruce Willis really gives a fuck whether I like him or not. I don't even know if the guy likes himself. We have a very simple relationship, and that's none of my business.

But this obvious bit of news offers a perfect distillation of that Bruce Willis charm we've all come to love. On a BBC talk show called One Show, Bruce Willy was asked if a sixth Die Hard film is going to happen and he said, "Yes." I guess that's all he said. Like, he hasn't uttered a single world since. But he's smiling.

Not that this is really news. It seems like they're going to keep making Die Hard movies long after their sell-by date, and I say that as a guy who's pulling every anti-logic string possible to get excited for A Good Day to Die Hard. That Bruce Willy would want to keep making them should surprise no one. On the other hand, an actor's affirmation on a British talk show does not mean any real work is being done a Die Hard 6, either. Basically this whole post is merely an excuse to link to a hilarious Key & Peele sketch.

You can have fun getting started on the goofy new Die Hard title now, if you want. I guarantee it will be a more beneficial exercise than adding to today's overabundance of Young Han jokes. Personally, I hope they call it Livestrong just to fuck with J.J. Abrams.