BURNING LOVE Season 2 Trailer - Watch It!

On the second season of BURNING LOVE, June Diane Raphael finds love with Adam Brody or Michael Cera or Martin Starr or Adam Scott or some other hilarious guy. Or doesn't.

I am so ready for Burning Love Season Two. The first season,Bachelor-riff web series starring and produced by Ken Marino, made me laugh harder than is probably medically advised, and in grand The Bachelor tradition, this season stars one of Marino's rejects, the hilarious June Diane Raphael (Party DownNTSF:SD:SUV) as Julie, a dental hygienist from Fresno! Get to know Julie:

"It was so much fun being a lesbian!...but it turns out I'm not gay."

Here's her astonishingly revealing bio: 

Julie Gristlewhite was born without teeth. As a baby she grew them one by one. As she grew into childhood, she was startled when those teeth she grew so carefully as a baby, one by one, fell out of her mouth, one by one. No one ever warned her this was going to happen and the mental anguish inflicted was indescribable. Once she grew new teeth, Julie made it her goal to help and educate others about their teeth and keeping that 2nd set of teeth in their mouth for as long as possible.

Age: 29
Occupation: Dental Hygenist
Turn Ons: Sense of humor, attractiveness, muscles, tan-ness
Turn Offs: Frailty, Cruelty, Subtlety, Mean-ness
Biggesst Accomplishmnts: All the work she's done on herself. Almost entirely on the outside.
Biggest Regrets: Dental Hygienists
I'm Hoping to Find: My man!

Julie will choose between a ridiculously amazing cast of fellas: Paul Scheer, Joe Lo Truglio, Rob Huebel, Jerry O'Connell, Michael Cera, Colin Hanks, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Thune, Brandon Johnson and Adam Brody. They'll play, variously, a bad boy, a prince, a single dad, a party guy, a rapper, a luxurious lifestyle consultant and a Jewish guy. And Michael Ian Black returns as the ultimate cheeseball host. 

Burning Love will return to Yahoo Screen on Valentine's Day, because romance. See some pics from the upcoming season here