What Happens in Florida Stays in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

New videos from Woodkid, rec.tangle and Hundred Waters.

French-Polish director, designer and musician Yoann Lemoine (moniker: Woodkid) delights in the monochrome once again with a wee slice of what he intends to offer aurally in his yet to be released debut album, The Golden Age. Minimalist men’s fashion aficionados (cricket) will note costume design provided by Kris Van Assche. And how your brain auto-fills his last name like a game of raunchy hangman.

Brighton-based, France-born Adrien Rodes, aka rec.tangle, teamed up with creative unit Overture (please spend some time there) for his ambient-psyche whirlwind, “Hedgehog Procession” (At Dawn). Additionally impressive is the fact that he shares an eight-foot recording space with Stereolab’s Joe Watson and manages to do anything but ogle, mouth agape. In the video, Jason and Aya Brown direct and animate the tale of Gunnar, the hedgehog with Precious Moment eyes, as he encounters the fanged spirit Oyami on his way home from work.

From Europe to Florida (insert tracksuit joke) we’re back to the Americas with Gainesville-based avant-pop outfit Hundred Waters and their grainy, monsterrific offering plucked from their debut self-titled LP. Directing collective/Borscht Film Festival creators Borscht Corp flex their DIY fantasy muscle all the way to mermaid sprinkled waters in the video for “Boreal.” I couldn't be more stoked for jezebels of the sea to make a proper comeback.