FarmVille And Brett Ratner Finally Share A Headline

After all these years, two titans of culture come together to make a baby.

The world is a weird, random place. Proof: Brett Ratner will produce a FarmVille animated series.

I have never played FarmVille. But I don't want that to sound smug or superior. I've played a ton of stupid games where you build stuff using resources that are just barely out of reach unless you pay real money for them, only to realize weeks later how much of your life you have wasted for absolutely no reason whatsoever. So many nights I could have been having sex, but instead I was planting fake tomatoes.

Some people never come to that realization, however, and from what I hear at the beauty salon & feed store, most of those people play FarmVille.

I have no idea how you squeeze a narrative out of the FarmVille concept, but it must be low hanging fruit because Brett Ratner wants to be involved. It will probably just be reruns of that goofy farm stuff you had to sit through when watching Garfield & Friends. You know, with the walking, unhatched egg.

Monetarily, however, I can see how this would make billions of dollars if they show five minutes of an episode only to make people pay a buck to see the rest. It's half off if you force family members to watch with you.

No network has nabbed this hot property yet, but surely it's only a matter of time. I hope TLC gets it so old ladies across the country can aver its educational value to their frustrated husbands, guys who waste their time by getting wasted and shooting bottles as God intended.