Hailing Frequencies Open! Captain Kirk Calls Into The Space Station

STAR TREK's William Shatner had a chat with a Canadian astronaut on the ISS. Watch it here!

Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut currently in orbit around the Earth on the International Space Station. Hadfield has a pretty great Twitter feed where he often shares stunning photos of our world taken from space; back in December he started a Twitter conversation with another famous space-faring Canadian, William Shatner. The tweets turned into a plan, and Shatner called into the space station this morning to have a chat with Hadfield. 

I don't know that anything truly revolutionary was discussed, but the idea of the captain of the USS Enterprise getting on the phone with an astronaut in near-Earth orbit and having a chat is one of those amazing science fiction aspects of our daily lives. It's just cool! 

You should definitely follow Hadfield on Twitter - it'll brighten your day and remind you why taking care of our planet is something we truly must focus on now.