There are five in total, and each is very colorful and vague.

Entertainment Weekly has some new Star Trek Into Darkness pictures to show off. They don't offer much in the way of knowlege regarding the film, but they're fun nevertheless.

This is a picture of Spock and Kirk. Spock doesn't look happy. Something off screen could be making him mad. Or maybe nothing is happening at all because that's just what he looks like. I also cannot figure out what emotion Kirk wears in this photo. He might be in the middle of saying the word "hey."

Here we have a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch as some clever smartassy narrative dodge that allows him to be Khan without actually being Khan. It looks like he's being arrested. All the guys around him have red shirts on, so they're probably just about to take a trek into darkness of their own. The guy one the right is looking directly into the camera because he wants to emanate his own lens flare.

Here we have Uhura wearing what can only be described as a deeply Sci-Fi outfit. It even has thumb holes. I want one, though it looks like wearing it would be about as comfortable and sweaty as sleeping bareback on a vinyl couch.

Here we see the newly rebooted Star Trek universe's version of Harry Mudd speaking to a very interested acolyte.

Kirk again, hanging out. Not to get into spoilers, but he dies.

So there you go! Every day that passes brings us one step closer to making sense of all this random Star Trek imagery. When we finally do see the movie it'll be like going down a checklist of contextually understanding moments we're already familiar with, with the added bonus of finally finding out what Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. Then, the second time through, it can be a movie.