Badass Digest Episode 19: Marvel Phase Two, Part Two

The second half of the look forward at what Marvel Studios has cooking leading up to AVENGERS 2.

I like to do episodes out on location, but every now and again we do some in front of a green screen where it's just me yapping at you. Welcome to one of those episodes! This is the second of a two-parter examining Marvel Studios' post-Avengers line-up, leading to Avengers 2. This time we're talking about Captain America: The Winter SoldierGuardians of the Galaxy (this episode was shot before Chris Pratt was signed for that film, by the way!) and Avengers 2

It's filler! But hopefully it's filler that leads you to comment and engage in conversation and be willing to sit through the upcoming two-part Sam Peckinpah episode. Oops, did I give something away?