BATTLE ROYALE Poster From Bryan Lee O’Malley, Kevin Tong & Mondo!

Plus, find out how to get BATTLE ROYALE playing in your town... and how to bring copies of the poster with it.

Mondo has teamed up with Tugg, the on-demand theatrical exhibition company, for the first time. Bryan Lee O'Malley and Kevin Tong have collaborated on this cool poster, which will be available only at Tugg screenings of Battle Royale, the infamous Japanese kids-killing-kids movie. And the best part: through Tugg you can bring Battle Royale to your home town, no matter where you live.

There's a variant edition that will be available only as part of the opening weekend festivities at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Vintage Park, Houston (tickets here!), but if you're able to get a Tugg screening off the ground in your home town, Mondo will include copies of the regular edition for you and to give to attendees! So not only do you get a great, rarely seen (theatrically) movie in your town, you get a cool poster for your trouble.

The way Tugg works is that you request a screening (at this page here) and then attempt to pre-sell enough tickets to make the screening happen. If you pass the threshold, the screening occurs, the posters arrive and everybody's happy! 

This is a pretty cool opportunity. If you live in a town where awesome rep screenings are rare and if you've never been able to get your hands on a Mondo poster, this is definitely your event. Make it happen! Bring Battle Royale to your home town!