BIG ASS SPIDER Trailer Features One Ugly, Big Ass Spider

It does what ever a spider-pig does.

This trailer is kind of old now, but everyone keeps posting it, so I thought I'd share. For reasons I can't quite grasp, this Syfy-looking film has somehow risen the ranks to become a Syfy-looking film that people have embraced as a more special than normal Syfy-looking film. It's even going to be a midnight premier at this year's SXSW.

So I don't know. Maybe you guys can fill me in on why I'm deaf to this film's particular charms and why it's any better than Sharkface McOctopusmouth vs. The Alli-Gator-Aide or any of those other movies. The trailer is hosted by director Mike Mendez and he does threaten to kill illegal downloaders, so that's a definite plus. Also, Lloyd Kauffman dressed like a 13 year old.