Get Ready for NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3, Not That Anyone Can Prepare For Such A Thing

The massive epic finally concludes. Or maybe just continues.

We wake up every morning, never knowing when we're about to embark on a day that changes everything. It turns out today was one of those days, for today was the day we learned that Shawn Levy and Ben Stiller are returning for another Night at the Museum film. It will be a 2014's go-to Christmas present for bad kids now that coal has become too expensive.

One of these days I'm going to watch these movies, if only for Sam Strange articles. The second one especially has a cast that's difficult to ignore despite the mountains of logic which assure me it will be horrible regardless of who plays Ghengis Khan. Hey, man. Sometimes you just want to watch Ben Stiller get his ass kicked by monkeys.

Unless I miss my mark, the premise of this series is that museum displays come to life at nighttime, right? The first one is at a regular old museum, and Part Two is at The Smithsonian, correct? So the third will have to be at an even more interesting receptacle of historical artifacts than that. My vote? Oh, please please please please please this (NSFW).

Seriously, though, where do you go after the Smithsonian? What historical figures do you think Ben Stiller will try to contain and controll in Part Three?