PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 Director To Take On Stephen King’s CELL

You might say he answered the call. Let's hope he doesn't dial it in.

A movie adaptation of Stephen King's "zombie" novel, Cell, has been in the works for a while now. At one point it was going to be an Eli Roth joint, but then Eli Roth went on to involve himself with many other, far crazier joints than King's scared old person screed against technology would supply.

But now Cell seems to have gained a more permanent director in Tod Williams, director of Paranormal Activity 2. I can't really say if that's a good thing or a bad thing. A Paranormal Activity movie demands an extremely different aesthetic than a film like Cell, but I don't subscribe to the simplistic notion that a found footage director can only make found footage films. I also refuse to rate the guy based on a Paranormal Activity movie because I strongly dislike that whole series regardless of who's in charge.

Cell is a late period Stephen King book. My general impression is that most fans dislike it. I actually thought it was pretty good. It's no Richard Bachman effort, but for post-wreck King, I thought it was a successful, modest horror novel with an ending that didn't ruin everything that came before. With King, that's about the best you can hope for. Plot-wise, it's about an insect like android named Cell who tries to destroy the world after achieving his full power potential by swallowing other, lesser androids whole. He can only be stopped with hours and hours and hours of kung-fu powering up and posing and heavy breathing.

John Cusack will star in the film. The screenplay has apparently been written by King himself and The Last House on the Left writer Adam Alleca. Production should begin in May.