Watch BC Talk Horrifying Hookups On The Chiller Channel Tonight!

Tune in as Brian discusses JENNIFER'S BODY, BASIC INSTINCT, FATAL ATTRACTION and more tonight.

I can no longer recall how I originally got involved, but I am honored to be one of the few folks to participate in each of the Chiller channel's "Chiller 13" specials, which tackle a topic (Creepiest Kids, Scariest Movies of the Decade, etc) and present a countdown of 13 movies that fit the mold, each with commentary by a variety of comedians, horror personalities and schmucks (I cover that last group exclusively). Sometimes they even have folks from the movies themselves chiming in, so you have Isabelle Fuhrman talking about Orphan (and the other films) right after I gush over it.

Not sure if that will be the case this time, as they haven't put out the full roster of participants for the latest special: "13 Horrifying Hookups." Just in time for Valentine's Day, this one mostly focuses on thriller type films like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct, but with a few legit horror entries like Bram Stoker's Dracula and Jennifer's Body to spice it up. The theme is love, basically, but with a genre twist, so it's pretty much the most eclectic mix yet (it was the first time I hadn't even seen some of the movies, let alone owned them so I could brush up). I admit I was a little out of my element, as I didn't know the movies as well or have as much affinity for them as in previous specials - there's only so much I can say about a movie I don't particularly care for without actually mocking it, which would defeat the purpose of putting these in a "top" countdown.

But I'm in it at least once, because they've supplied me with that awesome screenshot where I get to pimp both Badass Digest AND my horrible choice of headgear. If you know me, you know I do not wear a hat, ever, but the previous time I went in to shoot a segment (the "Creepiest Kids" one), my long, frizzy hair was wreaking havoc on the greenscreen, and at one point I had THREE people standing around me fussing with it. I felt silly, so this time I opted to wear a hat to make their job easier and keep me from being embarrassed. So yeah, now I look like I should be deep sea fishing more than talking about Rosemary's Baby, but at least I spared the crew from putting in extra time trying to key around my gray/brown mop. But I still have a great time doing them and hope they keep asking me back; it's a lot of fun getting to talk about movies without actually reviewing them, which is what I spend most of my time doing, and it's something my mom can watch since unlike my reviews the language is cleaned up for nice folks like her.

The special premieres on the Chiller channel at 8pm ET/5pm PT on Friday, February 8th, and will rerun all night. There's a brief promo on the site here, and if you've missed the previous two installments, they will rerun at 5 and 6:30 (each one is only 90 minutes). To get a taste of what they're like, here's the segment on Poltergeist from the last one:

Enjoy! Blow a big raspberry every time I say something!