Japan Gets Bizarre Chocolate Bruce Willis For DIE HARD Promo

I wonder if it's hollow like a chocolate bunny.

This Bruce Willis statue may look like it's made out of shit, but it's actually chocolate. A Good Day to Die Hard, on the other hand, is apparently made out of shit. I haven't seen it yet, but nobody who has appears to like it.

I guess Bruce Willie couldn't make it to Japan to promote the movie, so they did the next best thing and constructed a life-size chocolate sculpture of the man to present at a press conference. He's not only tough, he's delicious! I do wish the statue had sugar-button eyes. I wish I could read Japanese so I would know if Chocolate Willie answered any questions.

The other great part of this: not only did they have a chocolate Bruce Willis, they also had a Japanese Bruce Willis impersonator. This seems more interesting than a normal, star-studded junket. The press probably got the same quality of coverage, anyway.

For more pics, visit Eiga. Thanks to Derek for the link!