Mark Neveldine Goes Solo For THE VATICAN TAPES

The Neveldine/Taylor team now has their SPEAKERBOXXX/THE LOVE BELOW

The Neveldine/Taylor siamese twin that gave us such seriously badass classics as Crank and Crank 2, as well as some awful pieces of trash (that some of us enjoy despite being intelligent, functioning adults), will now embark on separate solo projects that will ultimately help film historians decide who is the Andrew Ridgeley in their artistic relationship.

For instance, Gamer wasn't very good, but it did have that truly inspired part where Gerard Butler pukes vodka into a car's gas tank to get it started. Does that kind of awesome craziness come from Neveldine more than Taylor? Or is it vice-versa? Or was that just Gerard Butler's idea? Soon we'll have an answer!

While we've known for quite some time now that Taylor plans to embark on a Twisted Metal adaptation, only today do we discover how Neveldine will make his unique mark. His solo movie is to be The Vatican Tapes, yet another exorcism gone wrong horror film.

Both projects sound kind of derivative, but I like bloody vehicular combat derivative way more than I like found footage contortions derivative.

I just want these guys to get this solo album stuff out of their system so they can make another Crank film. It's unfair that we've only been blessed with two so far. The story of Chev Chelios must never end, especially since its hero is pretty much an invincible metahuman.