Ultimate BACK TO THE FUTURE Collectible: Biff’s Manure Car

God help me, I might buy this.

As ToyFair grinds on and on, all sorts of new figures and dolls and playsets and mobiles and vehicles and accessories and repacks and alt-paints and collectibles and stuffed toys and etc and etc have been revealed, but none reach the level of strangeness of the item above.

Yes, that's a recreation of Biff's car covered in manure, as seen in the Back to the Future films. 

It's a shit car toy. 

Shit car.

What's even better is that I think it's a 'shakem,' which is a sort of bobblehead, except the whole thing bobbles slightly on the base. So it's like a bobble shit car. 

Bobble shit car.

I don't know where or when this will be available, as it's only a prototype, but I do know that I will own it. So help me god, I will buy this bobble shit car.