I’m Having A Hard Time Believing This THE INTERNSHIP Trailer Is Real

Hey, you know what's mysterious and ripe for comedy? The internet!

LA comedy writer Tim Neenan so perfectly nailed the feel of The Internship trailer on his Facebook page that I'm simply going to quote him:

Classic throwback trailer from 2004.

And it's not just the tired Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn stuff that feels a decade out of date, it's the whole "THE INTERNET IS SO WACKY!" aspect that's almost mind-boggling. Setting aside the fact that this is Google: The Movie, the entire premise of the 'weird world of nerds' is moldy as hell. Everybody saw The Social Network already, Fox.

If someone told me this trailer was part of some Google ad campaign, some sort of Super Bowl or Oscar night spot, I'd believe it. What I have a hard time buying is that there's an entire 100 minute movie of this.