Netflix Really Isn’t Kidding Around About This Original Programming Stuff

Now they're coming for your children.

It seems like Netflix's gamble with House of Cards was a success. Netflix won't actually release their numbers (which is badass), but everyone is talking about the show, and they are doing a season two, so that should tell you something.

Netflix also has a whole season of Arrested Development coming up soon, which should help further cement their position as a original content provider of note. Even if House of Cards, a largely unknown commodity, had failed, Netflix's experiment wouldn't be over until we saw how the Bluth's return fared.

But House of Cards did succeed, and its success opens interesting doors for Netflix and their powerfully attractive release model. For example, Netflix is now going to release an original children's animation series based around the upcoming Dreamworks film, Turbo. This means kids will now be able to watch a whole new season of television in one day while eating potato chips and drinking beer just like the rest of us. Of course, they will never know or care how revolutionary this is, but you can surely tell them all about it as you grow more and more senile and decrepit.

Turbo is a film about a snail who somehow becomes a super fast race car snail or something stupid like that. It doesn't come out until July. If it contains even a hint of pathos, movie fans will herald it as yet another Dreamworks film that out-Pixars Pixar. The Netflix series, titled Turbo F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team), won't come out until December.

It will be interesting to see what new shows Netflix announces in the next year. Before long they could have quite an impressive variety of programs, especially since their brand is not based around genre or demographics like many cable networks. Plus, boob potential.