New OBLIVION Trailer Just As Boring As The Old OBLIVION Trailer

It manages to feel even longer, too.

Trailers are often fun, but some are just excruciating to sit through. Even the good ones get annoying after the tenth or eleventh time you see them.

Oblivion is not one of the good ones. I was tired of the Oblivion trailer probably around the second and a half time I saw it. And since then I've been forced to watch it at least 2,000 times more. Each new viewing makes me feel like I just sat through the whole movie.

So I greeted today's new Oblivion trailer with excitement, if only because it meant I'd never have to see the old one again. But now that I've seen it, I think it might be even worse.

Maybe it's just me, but this looks like the most generic Hollywood science fiction blockbuster to come out in a while. I like Tom Cruise, but here he's totally unbelievable as some kind of futuristic repairman. None of the various genre devices the trailer throws at us (there are many: past memories, aliens, rebels, cyberpunk Tusken Raiders, foot robot monsters, hot frozen girls, etc.) look interesting at all. It's like a cliche smoothie. I prefer my rampant cliches in sloppy milkshake form.

The only improvement offered by this new trailer is that it at least spares us the sight of Tom Cruise biting his lip while pretending to be a big football fan. He's still wearing that dumb Yankees hat, though.

If I'm just being a huge dick, let me know. I'm very curious to see if any of you guys are looking forward to this one. I can't believe I'm saying this, but when it comes to big post-Earth 2013 films, I think I'm looking more forward to the Shyamalan jam.