FAST & FURIOUS 7 Villain Possibly Spoiled

It's all pretty badass if true.

Billy the Kidd over at Ain't it Cool News claims to have a big scoop regarding not one but two upcoming entries in the Fast & Furious franchise. The most obvious spoiler involves the casting of Part 7's villain. I don't really mind spoiling that part for myself, since it's just casting and we'd all know soon enough anyway.

So here it comes.


Fair Warning.

Turn back now if-

It's Jason Statham. I mean, you clicked on a link with the word "spoiled" in the title.

Explaining how this villain plays into the surprisingly complicated Fast & Furious mythos, however, leads into more Fast & Furious 6 spoilers than I care to wade through. I saw enough to be a little bummed out I saw any of it, so if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, I'd steer clear. On the other hand, the highly detailed nature of the report seems a little suspicious to begin with, so maybe this is all little more than disguised fan fiction.

Here comes another spoiler.

Seriously, it's bigger than the Statham thing.

I'm not screwing arou-

Through Statham, Fast & Furious 7 will catch the serious back up to Tokyo Drift continuity. Again, you clicked on a link with the word "spoiled" in the title. Don't be mad at me.

If the report is true, the Fast & Furious series clearly knows how to manipulate fans into a Nos-fueled fervor. This is definitely our premier dumb but awesome action franchise. Each new entry acts as sort of a mini-Avengers film, and I hope they keep making them long enough that each film is like a gay muscle-head version of the Up series that continuously grows until the cold grip of death begins picking off cast members one by one. Starting with Han.