Badass Digest Episode 20: BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES!

A look at the first sequel in the greatest science fiction franchise of all time!

You guys wanted more Planet of the Apes, here it is. I should warn you that this is pretty spoilery, but the movie came out before most you were born, so suck it up.

I do have one thing to add for Badass Digest readers, and it's about some deleted stuff from the episode. What didn't make the cut was discussion of the unused drafts for Beneath the Planet of the Apes, from before Paul Dehn came on board. 

Fox turned to Rod Serling for a sequel idea, but didn't like what he turned in. Pierre Boulle, original Planet of the Apes novelist, came up with his own concept, Planet of the Men, which would have never worked, but is fascinating nonetheless.

In Planet of the Men Taylor begins a human resistance in the Forbidden Zone. He has a child with Nova and they begin teaching humans how to talk and he creates a Kingdom of Man. The story skips ahead decades through time, and has a huge confrontation between ape and human armies. The weird conceit that Boulle brought to this one, though, was that as the men evolved the apes devolved, slowly losing the capacity for language. Boulle's final shot: Dr. Zaius as a circus ape, unable to speak. It doesn't work as a story, really, but it's a cool idea!

Enjoy the video. Next week we should be bringing you a drunken Oscar special; I say 'should' because we're filming it tomorrow and who knows what could go wrong!