Just A Reminder: Criterion’s Hulu Titles Are All Free This Weekend

You know what to do.

I'm sure many of you not only have Hulu Plus, but you probably also have nice TVs with nice Blu-ray players with a nice shelving unit already filled with Criterion films. But even you guys have to admit this is cool.

Hulu's entire Criterion Collection is free right now until the end of this weekend. It does not include every Criterion title ever, but it certainly includes enough that no one has any right to complain. The collection also has some stuff that you can't find on DVD at all. It's pretty incredible. I had plans for tomorrow, but now they have changed.

This is pretty old news in Internet terms. But it's Friday now, and I thought maybe some of you could use a reminder. I already have my marathon picked out. What are you planning to watch?