CNN Gets Drivers Stoned In This Hilarious Video

Need something to watch at your next pot orgy? CNN has you covered.

Nobody's sicker of 'pot culture' than I am, but you have to admit that our country's weird problem with the drug is way over the top. I think that's what makes pot culture people so annoying - weed just isn't that interesting a drug, but it has this dumb outlaw image due to nonsensical laws.

That's sort of changing, with some states finally legalizing weed (at least until the Feds, in their infinite War on Drugs wasteful wisdom, decide to come stormtrooping in). Legalization leaves one big question: how much pot is too much pot to drive?

It turns out you need to be REALLY FUCKING STONED to impair your driving. This CNN video is amazingly hilarious from start to finish, but it also proves that even people whose blood blow past the legal limit by big multipliers can drive pretty okay. Let's put it this way - if you were seven times over the legal alcohol limit you'd be courting death. At seven times the legal limit this one stoner chick in the video drives kind of poorly.

The whole video is great. The girl involved in the test shows up already stoned. The test is unable to get interesting results by making the participants smoke a bowl, so they have them smoke three bowls. They end up smoking so much that the girl who is stoned all the time says she feels way stoned. The old guy has the best line: "I don't know if I can get much more stoned." And that's the point when everybody starts having trouble driving.

Fox has already optioned this clip for a movie.