Feast Your Eyes On These Weirdly Lifelike David Bowie Dolls

It's almost like endlessly ogling the real thing.

Everyone knows the only thing better than listening to David Bowie is pressing your cheek against his cold, angel face. But precious few ever get that opportunity. One enterprising fan came up with the next best thing by making these creepy but cool lifelike David Bowie dolls. As far as I know they do not vibrate.

E.V. Svetova (or Katyok, as she's known on deviantART) makes lots of these dolls, but her David Bowie line is truly incredible. Svetova not only customizes and paints the dolls but makes most of the clothes as well.

Much like the real David Bowie, these dolls are a "look but don't touch" proposition. Svetova claims to have made them solely as a labor of love, so they are not for sale. And unless you are David Bowie himself, she also refuses to take on any custom jobs. Clearly, she is extraordinarily selfish and cruel.

I find these dolls thoroughly gross and impressive. I hope she continues making them. It'd be great to see Bowie's The Elephant Man or Bowie's Nikola Tesla in toy form. Or maybe she could just cut the shit and get to Iggy Pop. It's one thing to make a doll porcelain smooth. Gnarled and mangy is something else entirely.