Hear The Wrath Of Khan In New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Motion Poster

Khan will have his vengeance.

I like motion posters when I see them at the movie theater. Maybe it's because I'm old, but there's something endlessly arresting about them, even if the fact that they also talk makes me feel like I'm living in a dystopian cyberpunk novel (honestly, silent but moving would be cool - moving and making noise is just intrusive). 

The latest Star Trek Into Darkness poster is of the motion variety, and it's just a variation on the old poster, with Khan - Benedict Cumberbatch - standing over the destruction of London. Here is it is:

My big question for the movie is how they're going to reconcile Cumberbatch's accent with Ricardo Montalban's. They're playing the same guy, and Khan's life began long before the temporal event that rebooted the Trek universe. Is Khan putting on an accent to hide as John Harrison? That doesn't really seem like Khan's style. Maybe they're just going to ignore it, like many aspects of logic were ignored in the Star Trek reboot.