Wait, Kevin Smith Wants To Do What Now With CLERKS 3?

This fucking guy.

The only reason we're even talking about a Clerks 3 is because Hit Somebody, Kevin Smith's former final film(s) before retirement, has now suddenly been transformed into a television miniseries.

Now Kevin Smith appears eager to also mutate Clerks 3 into a yet another non-film project. Appearing on a panel to discuss "The Future of Television" for Internet program What's Trending? (sort of a 21st Century update of What's Happening!!), Smith dropped all kinds of amazing possibilities he's pondered for how to do Clerks 3 without actually making it a film.

For instance, at one point he considered making it a play on Broadway. Then he wanted to make it a web series.

But the idea he's really stuck on is doing it as a novel. Not just one big novel either, but a book written and published in one chapter increments, designed from its inception to make use of and follow fan feedback.

I sort of get the appeal of trying new things like this, and I also don't want to knock Smith too hard for working in different formats since Clerks: The Animated Series is far and away the greatest thing he's ever been a part of. But doing Clerks 3 as an online book further cements the notion that Smith only sees and cares about the highly insular world he's built around himself. As a non-fan, I can fathom buying a ticket to see Clerks 3 just out of general curiosity. A web series situation is pushing it. But there is absolutely no way I'm reading a Clerks 3 web novel unless I hear from at least 150 Internet friends that's it's seriously amazing. And even then I'll need to ask what their favorite Kevin Smith movies are.

If Smith does go ahead with this plan, does that mean he still gets to make a last film before retiring? Or is he just all done with film from now on? I ask because I'm desperately hoping for a Chasing Amy 2 where Holden Caufield and Bansky and Chimpmunky all finally hook up and live happily ever after.

You can hear Smith's comments for yourself in the video below. Smith's Clerks 3 stuff starts around the 12 minute mark.