Christian Bale To Possibly Climb Mount Everest

Future Headline: Christian Bale Accidentally Falls To Death While Researching Upcoming Film Role

Christian Bale loves a challenge and aside from eating one tablespoon of cinnamon, what can be more challenging than climbing a mountain? The hyper-serious actor is in talks to star in Everest, a mountain climbing disaster film to be directed by The Deep's Baltasar Kormakur.

The film will be based on a very unfortunately climbing expedition that killed eight people in 1996 and was the basis for the book Into Thin Air, written by Jon Krakauer, one of the few people to survive the climb.

There is apparently another Hollywood Everest movie in the works as well, this one to be directed by Doug Liman and starring Tom Hardy. This Liman/Hardy version will focus on George Mallory's attempted journeys up the mountain. For those who don't know, Mallory never returned from his third try and his body wasn't found for 75 years. In other words: Stop fucking with Mount Everest, puny humans.

Amazingly enough, you can now watch both films in their entirly below: